At Big Pixel it is our mission to bring honor to God by using our passion for ideation, design, and development to help our clients shape their ideas and businesses by crafting web and mobile experiences that are as easy-to-use as they are beautiful to look at.


Our Heart

Design-Infused Development

Design is more than making something beautiful. It is the process of deeply understanding our client’s needs and creating a high standard that we use as a benchmark in all of our work.

In most development firms, design is a step in the process. Mockups and wireframes are made, approved, and then handed off to the developers to reference while coding. We have found that this process often ends with an application that flows very differently than the designers intended. Left to their own devices even the best developers will get about 80% of the way there.

The last 20% is always the hardest so we created a different approach.

Design-infused development is the process we use that keeps design and the client’s vision front and center throughout the project. Before each deliverable is made, the designers run through and “nitpick” each page and function to make sure that the intended design and user experience is kept throughout.

While this is much harder on our development teams, the end result is always worth the effort.

Our Values


We are always constructively honest and transparent with both clients and colleagues. This is our bedrock.

  • We deliver regularly to our clients to show them our work.
  • We discuss issues with projects early, accompanied by solutions.
  • We will be upfront and honest in all our dealings.


We will strive to be fair and upfront about pricing and creating value with the treasure that our clients entrust to us. Beyond that, we are committed to creating solutions efficiently and without hidden costs.


Our greatest value to our clients stems from our desire to create the best version of their vision. We do this by pushing back on ideas, shaping them, and designing something better together.


Technology is our passion and it shows through in every project. Our love for design, development, and taking care of our clients should be obvious to everyone who encounters Big Pixel.


Whether internal, or external, we are open to ideas and innovation. We communicate with each other and clients respectfully and honestly.

Think Holistically

Hundreds of shops develop applications. Big Pixel strives to build the whole organization. Whether working with startups or larger entities, we go beyond dev to find ways to help them grow and thrive.

Our Expertise

We Specialize In Three Areas:

  1. Helping businesses improve their processes through holistically-designed technology.
  2. Building startups from the ground up. Usually this starts by saying “No” a lot.
  3. Helping marketing and design firms create amazing products for their clients.

Our Home

We have been proud members of HQ Raleigh in downtown Raleigh since 2013.

You can visit us there (or meet us nearby for some coffee at our home away from home Videri Chocolate Factory).