DiBS is a new way for teachers to manage their digital books, assign worksheets, and measure student involvement.

The DiBS platform was built to allow teachers new insights into their student's reading. They can assign books and worksheets and see a student's progress along the way.

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DiBS started out as a simple way to manage a school bookroom. Teachers could check in and out books and request new ones. With Big Pixel's help, this platform grew into a completely digital solution for e-books.
Over the last three years, Big Pixel has built a powerful platform that works across the Web, Android, and iOS devices. This platform now allows teachers to select from thousands of books to give their students the challenge they need to learn.
Students are able to listen to the books being read to them, highlight important sections, and take notes. Teachers are able to see this interaction and add their own notes to make sure students stay on track.

ELA for the 21st century

Big Pixel worked with the DiBS team to create a platform to allow kids all over the United States to engage in a new level of interactivity with their reading and writing assignments.


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