A new way to engage and enjoy the NFL and NBA draft.

MockOut is a dynamic and exciting way to enjoy the draft. Create contests, make your picks, and compete with others around the world. Tooled for speed, Big Pixel has created an app loved by NFL and NBA fans.

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MockOut came to us as just an idea. Big Pixel took this idea and executed, advised, and cajoled the team into creating an amazing app that is enjoyed by tens of thousands of users each draft day.
The key to the design of MockOut is to create an interface that seems simple but also exposes the complexity to the rules of the game. We worked hand in hand to make sure all of the pages were straightforward and easy to use even under the high pressure of draft day.
On draft day the app reaches over 20,000 concurrent users, each one constantly refreshing and slamming the servers for information. Big Pixel created an application that is ready for these loads and runs smoothly no matter what is happening on draft day.

What is it like working with Big Pixel?

Working with Big Pixel was a perfectly collaborative experience. They were able to strike the balance I needed between my wanting control over my app, but also needing guidance when it came to best practices.- Micky McKeon, Founder, MockOut


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