A new home for network marketers to engage their contacts and grow their business.

myBeehyve is an innovative solution for network marketers that helps them manage and grow their business regardless of which company they work with.

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Megan and team needed a developer to help them go from idea all the way to execution. Big Pixel dove in and helped them create a successful new business helping other women succeed with technology and network marketing.
Over the last 3 years, myBeehyve has gone from a simple idea to an award winning startup and consulting business. Big Pixel continues to help them with their digital platform connecting women all over the world.
The key requirement of the application was simplicity. Many of the MBH clients are not technically savvy so they needed an interface that was clear and concise for even the biggest neophyte.

Meeting customers where they are

myBeehyve customers are on the move! Often they need to be able to work one-handed because they are always multi-tasking. Our innovative approach allows them to do complicated tasks no matter where they are.


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