A new web and mobile platform that allows complete asset lifecycle tracking for medical gas devices.

BeaconMedaes wanted to build a first of its kind asset tracker for the medical gas industry. The MyMedGas portal goes beyond that to offer training, work orders, and maintenance in one easy-to-use portal.

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BeaconMedaes wanted to build something new and disruptive in their industry. As such, they wanted a different kind of development team. One that would give them new ideas and challenge the way things had been done for years. Big Pixel was chosen to bring this new initiative to life.
A big part of this initiative was to build a user flow that was a bit different than the usual "admin portal". We designed and developed an easy-to-use interface that wowed current and potential clients.
We are proud to have partnered with BeaconMedaes to build them a next generation platform that will soon be deployed around the world and in several languages.


The MyMedGas system is built using the latest technologies to allow the web application to work anywhere in the hospital, with or without an internet connection. No app needed! All you need is a browser.


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