Business Tech Solutions

All companies have software that is critical to their business. Often this software is out of date, cumbersome, and inefficient. We fix all that.

We take the time to learn the processes from all the major stakeholders and then come up with suggestions that streamline and improve it in a holistic way. This often includes:

  • Workflow system that gives everyone from sales, management, and the people out in the field a dynamic snapshot of their day and what to do next.
  • The “spaghetti monster”. This is a multi-pronged system that brings together disparate systems into a single cohesive application that breaks the common “data silo” problem.
  • Paperless applications. For those out in the field selling or working, paper and PDF forms are a necessary evil. We build a truly paperless system removes that and makes office managers really happy.

Startup Consulting

Startups are the future and their passion is contagious. We love working with them as much as we can and we have developed processes that push them to create something great.

We often joke that our job with startups is to “kill their dreams, and then make them happen.” We do this with lots of tough love and even more questions. You see, our goal is not to build a startup’s app, it is to build their company (and their app). We want to partner with them and help them create something that can sustain itself.

We are very particular with the startups we work with because we want to make sure that they are ready to work with a professional firm. If they are not, then we give them homework to validate and prove out their idea and then come back to us.


Web & Mobile Development

Once the strategy is set, the design is approved, the specs are laid out, and the user flow is... err... flowing it is time to get it done.

Welcome to our wheelhouse. Mobile apps, responsive websites, ecommerce, and heavy-duty, full blown applications is what we build and deliver every single day.

We have built apps for everything from women's health apps, manufacturing, distribution, sports, and finance. Whether you need a completely new application or just an update to an existing one we have the skills and the know-how to help.


UX / Experience Design

Each web or mobile app we design is unique like a pretty, pretty snowflake, but the principles behind the mouth-watering visuals are always the same…

User Experience (or UX) is about two simple things: Making it simple and making it work. We call it “user-first design”. With each application we build we focus on the user and making sure that with each tap is thought through to enhance the experience.

Our specialty is making complex interfaces easy to use and so pretty they should be on the runway. Whether you have an existing design that needs a new look and flow or we need to create something from scratch, our team is ready to go.


White Label Projects

Even the best teams need help from time to time.

We partner with development teams all the time. Whether they need help building the frontend, or we need to supplement their API team, we can work anywhere within the stack. Let us help you build up your team and get your project over the finish line.


Servers & Hosting

APIs, websites, web hooks, and services… no matter what we are building, it needs a place to live. Big Pixel uses an array of cloud services (Azure, Heroku) to host the myriad of applications we have built over the years. We can host, maintain, and scale any application we have built or are supporting.

Have your own servers and IT team? No worries. We play well with others and can deploy to almost any environment.